EO-J Discrete Signal Jammer

EO-J protects you from eavesdropping and location tracking

The discreet EO-J signal jammer disrupts mobile and Wi- Fi networks within range, including 5G. It will also protect you from eavesdropping that broadcasts on these frequencies and location tracking. Thanks to the design without external antennas, it does not attract unwanted attention. It will thus ensure unobtrusive protection of offices against the leakage of sensitive information.

*The range of the jammer is, for example, for a room of 10 – 30 m2 (108-323 ft2).

*It depends on the surrounding influences of the transmitters, if you have a larger space, we recommend consulting with us individually about the number of pieces.

EO-J Signal Jammer:

  • Cancels all commonly used local mobile network bands, including 5G
  • Blocks the use of the two most commonly used Wi-Fi frequencies, making it impossible to transmit audio and video using hidden Wi-Fi cameras
  • Protects against eavesdropping by wireless Bluetooth headphones
  • Prevents data transmission over GSM, LTE and 5G networks
  • Is completely discreet thanks to its design and does not attract unwanted attention

TIP: For a high level of protection, we recommend using it in combination with a PRIME Omnidirectional Speech Protector. For truly comprehensive protection against audio recording, purchase the PRIME+ Speech Protector and Signal Jammer. It combines the technology of a speech protector together with a signal jammer.

Intuitive and Easy to Use

You can easily plug the handset into an outlet and press the button to switch on the signal jamming in range. Press the button again at any time to turn the interference off.

Cancels the Following Frequencies:

It interferes with available mobile operators in your country, as well as GPS, 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-fi. More precise frequencies are set when placing the order and after consultation with the client. This product is sold in special mode – see section 9 of our terms and conditions for more information.


Range10 – 30 m2 (108-323 ft2)
Power supply50-60 Hz
Voltage12 V

Presentation and Purchase of the Products

If you are interested, please contact our sales department who will discuss your security options with you. Please send your enquiry with your contact details to: sales@eo-security.com