Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

We’ll protect you from all kinds of eavesdropping

Eavesdropping has now become a common part of competition and industrial espionage. But they can be so sophisticated that you may not even be aware of their presence. Detecting eavesdropping devices is quite challenging, but our company has extensive experience in eavesdropping and can identify even the most advanced technologies.

  • We search for eavesdropping devices in offices, apartments, even cars
  • Our employees are certified in cyber security
  • Our company holds a detective license
  • You will receive a final report from us upon completion of the search

TIP: If you are not sure about wiretapping, look at 13 tips to find out if someone is following you. In this way, you will quickly get an overview of whether the threat of wiretapping is real. If you find that it is, please contact us immediately.

We divide the Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) into two basic areas – physical security and cyber security. We recommend that you do both examinations as they complement each other. This is the only way to be sure that there is no eavesdropping in your area.


Physical Security

First, we conduct a physical security inspection. Our experts with many years of experience will conduct a thorough inspection of all rooms and their equipment (electronics, furniture and other items). This type of inspection is time-consuming but necessary. A series of analyses will be performed to uncover the eavesdropping. For example, RF spectrum measurements, triangulations, but also inspection with a thermographic camera.

Actions performed:

  • Physical inspection of all non-detachable items in the controlled rooms;
  • Thermographic inspection of all objects in the rooms to be inspected;
  • Inspection of suspect electrical outlets, switches and sensors;
  • Detection of hidden cameras with a reflectometer;
  • Inspection of ceiling tiles (if present in the rooms inspected);
  • Analysis of the radio spectrum in the range of 100 kHz to 22 GHz (allows identification of active radio interception operating in the range of these frequencies);
  • Triangulation of the radio background by a spectrum analyser in the range 100 kHz to 3 GHz;
  • Inspection of all electrical sockets, switches and sensors;
  • Physical inspection of all detachable objects in the rooms to be inspected (for this purpose, all parts of PCs, monitors, landlines, air conditioners, printers, etc. are inspected); it also allows the identification of network sniffers and damaged or no longer active eavesdroppers.

Cyber Security

Modern cyber threats are more common than traditional eavesdropping these days. But our certified cybersecurity experts can handle them. For example, they can detect sniffers (devices that intercept all network traffic) and possible network anomalies (e.g. an active IMSI Catcher).

Actions performed:

  • Control of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks (allows you to identify eavesdroppers and hidden cameras transmitting over any Wi-Fi and Bluetooth network in the vicinity of the monitored object);
  • Detection of IMSI Catcher active during searches (IMSI Catcher is used for operational interception of mobile phones);
  • Detection of Rogue Access Points (A Rogue Access Point is an illegitimate wireless device connected to the network that allows remote unauthorized access);
  • Evil Twin Access point detection (An Evil Twin is a copy of a legitimate access point that is designed to force users to connect to a fake network under the control of an attacker);
  • Auditing the physical security of the facility (audit whether it is possible to gain physical unauthorized access to controlled areas through lockpicking, RFID bypass, alarms, motion sensors, and more).

After the inspection

Once we have completed the anti-tampering review, we will inform you of any threats found and provide you with a detailed list of recommendations on how to eliminate or at least minimise the risks. At the same time, if we do find an eavesdropping device, we will professionally disarm it and recommend a course of action.

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