Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

We’ll protect you from all kinds of eavesdropping

Wiretapping has become a common part of competitive and industrial espionage today. Often you don’t even need to know that someone is eavesdropping on you. Wiretaps are really hard to find. Fortunately, we have experience in wiretapping, we can detect even the most advanced wiretapping. In addition, we also offer a wide range of high-quality and effective wiretapping devices. Get a bug jammer too and put an end to eavesdropping today. We work with clients from all over Europe.

  • We search for wiretaps in the apartment, the office or also in the car
  • Our employees are industry certified in cybersecurity
  • We’ll uncover classic eavesdropping, but also the most modern
  • We are independent, we do not install or provide wiretaps

TIP: If you are not sure about wiretapping, look at 13 tips to find out if someone is following you. In this way, you will quickly get an overview of whether the threat of wiretapping is real. If you find that it is, please contact us immediately.

We divide the wiretapping search into two basic areas – physical security and cyber security. In any case, it is always necessary to carry out both inspections, as they complement each other. This is the only way you can be sure that there is no eavesdropping in your area.


Physical Security

The first thing we do is a physical security check. Our experts with years of experience will thoroughly inspect all rooms and their equipment such as electronics, furniture and other items. This type of inspection is time-consuming but necessary and definitely not worth rushing through. A series of analyses will be conducted to uncover the interceptions. For example, measuring the RF spectrum, triangulation, but also checking with a thermographic camera.

We will detect the following threats

  • NFC RFID readers that can be cracked
  • radio eavesdroppers operating at frequencies from 100 kHz to 22 GHz
  • GSM eavesdropping with unlimited range
  • eavesdropping and hidden cameras transmitting via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  • hidden cameras via fibre optic cable
  • line and network listening operating in the low frequency spectrum
  • passive hidden cameras and dictaphones
  • hardware keyloggers
  • damaged inactive eavesdroppers


Cyber Security

Modern cyber threats are now more widespread than traditional eavesdropping. In our experience, we have detected more than 60% of eavesdropping at the network traffic level. We detect modern eavesdropping with our experts who are certified in cybersecurity. This will reveal, for example, sniffers (devices that intercept all network traffic) and potential network anomalies.

Vulnerability scan

At the same time, we perform a vulnerability scan using Nessus Professional. This will reveal vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker, but also advise you how you can patch vulnerabilities and minimize risks. If vulnerabilities are discovered, we recommend that you also perform penetration testing of the infrastructure, which usually reveals more vulnerabilities and evaluates the current level of security.

We will detect the following threats

  • Network sniffers capturing data traffic
  • Rogue Access Points
  • Active IMSI catchers around controlled areas
  • Vulnerabilities that can be exploited from the attacker’s position

After the inspection

Once we have completed the anti-tampering review, we will inform you of any threats found and provide you with a detailed list of recommendations on how to eliminate or at least minimise the risks. At the same time, if we do find a wiretap, we will professionally disarm it and recommend a course of action.

If you want to order TSCM services or training for your team, please do not hesitate to contact us.