Vulnerability Assessment Program

Modern infrastructures and web applications are constantly evolving. This is why it is crucial to not only have a continuous overview of the security status of your infrastructure but also have the ability to react quickly to any new-found vulnerabilities that could be exploited. Thanks to this unique service, you will always be updated on any new threats to both public and private infrastructure, almost instantly. Minimize the risk of data leakage and loss of customer trust, and reduce the cost of the subsequent remediation.

This is the simplest form of security assessment, and its main objective is to identify as many vulnerabilities in as many systems in the network as possible. Vulnerability assessment focuses on scanning hosts for vulnerabilities as individual entities so that security deficiencies can be identified, and effective security measures can be deployed to protect the network in a prioritized manner.

What we offer

Vulnerability Assessment Program works 24/7 365 days a year, which when combined with continuously updated vulnerability databases means you always have the most up-to-date information on the security status of your infrastructure. Moreover, you define the allowed extents that will be continuously scanned. Thanks to regular reporting, you will not only get an overview of vulnerabilities that are identifiable but more importantly, you will be immediately alerted to any newly discovered threats. This way, you can react to them within minutes – well before attackers take advantage of them. This allows you to better decide which threats need to be dealt with first and which can be dealt with later.

What Is the Difference Between Penetration Testing and the Vulnerability Assessment Program?

Vulnerability scanning is an automated test designed to continuously scan for and report any potential vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. This provides you with not only an overview of vulnerabilities but also recommendations on how to eliminate the threats. The service is suitable for all organizations wishing to have an overview of the current security status.

Penetration testing, on the other hand, is a combination of automated and manual testing that aims to find weaknesses in infrastructure or applications and then determine the extent to which they can be exploited to obtain unauthorized access.


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