Digital Forensics Analysis

Do you suspect that your computer has been hacked or someone has unauthorizedly manipulated your files? Contact us!

Sensitive information and user records are priceless. Attackers can easily steal it and use it against you to compete and damage your reputation with customers or business partners.

What we offer

Thanks to our forensic digital analysis of computers (Windows, Linux and macOS), servers and IoT devices, weare able to reveal all the information about who and how gained access to the compromised device , and what data or files were manipulated. Our certified cyber security experts will collect digital evidence material directly at your company.

After data collection, our experts perform a forensic analysis. During the analysis, they use not only specialized software, but also experience gained over years of experience in the field of cyber security. They then interpret the evidence and obtain the maximum amount of valid information about the origin of the attack.

During data collection, we focus on:

After evaluating the collected data, we will prepare a detailed report with all the information found. Thanks to this, you will get a comprehensive overview.

Our report will provide you with comprehensive answers to important questions:


Contact us and get a professional forensic analysis, during which we interpret the exact data and give you a comprehensive report with the results.