PRIME Omnidirectional Speech Protector

An effective omnidirectional jammer that protects you from all types of eavesdropping

The efficient PRIME omnidirectional jammer is a more powerful successor to the EO-1. This high-performance PRIME omnidirectional audio jammer ensures that your meetings and negotiations are safe and discreet. With our PRIME jammer, you don’t have to worry about being recorded or bugged in a meeting.

  • Generates ultrasonic noise that effectively protects you against all microphones and bugs
  • Acoustic noise protects against eavesdropping by a laser or stethoscope microphone
  • Several modes of jamming
  • Ensures a secure and discreet meeting wherever it is needed
  • The jammer is easy to handle and it can be easily transferred as needed

The omnidirectional ultrasonic noise generator blocks microphones up to 1-1.5 metres (3-5 ft) for modern phones and up to 3 metres (10 ft) for older phones. It can easily permeates clothing as well. The jammer interferes with the entire 360 degree range.

Thanks to the acoustic noise you can be sure that no one will eavesdrop on you with a stethoscope or laser microphone. Not even a third party will be able to eavesdrop on your meetings up to a distance of 30 metres (98 ft).

The PRIME omnidirectional speech protector is the successor to one of our best-selling products, the EO-1. Unlike its predecessor, it has improved ultrasound software as well as a processor. It is compatible with our app, which is available for both iOS and Android.

The performance of the PRIME speech protector is really great. A total of 41 ultrasonic generators with an intensity of 128-132 dB creates a strong ultrasonic barrier for the microphones of modern phones such as the iPhone , Samsung and others, as well as for modern voice recorders and wiretaps.

  • Digital and analogue voice recorders
  • Dictaphones in mobile phones
  • Remote laser eavesdropping through windows
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Eavesdropping via stethoscope
  • Listening devices with 220 V mains supply
PRIME Omnidirectional Speech Protector


Weight1,3 kg
Rangeultrasound: 3 meters (10 ft), acoustic noise: 30 meters (98 ft)
Intensity of ultrasonic interference41 × 128-132 dB
Acoustic interference power3W
Size of the device20 cm × 20 cm × 6,2 cm

Functions of ultrasound

Ultrasonic noise is effective against eavesdroppers and bugs that record sound. The ultrasonic noise generated can completely overwhelm such microphones. The recording will be distorted, so no one will hear anything but noise. All confidential information will remain safe. Moreover, ultrasound is not audible, so it does not interfere with the flow of the meeting.


Acoustic noise

Protects you from eavesdropping methods where the ultrasonic noise is just not enough. Mainly, it protects against eavesdropping with a stethoscope microphone or laser microphone. The acoustic noise makes it impossible to listen to your conversation through the wall or the windowpane. Not even a third-party will be able to listen in on your conversation. Acoustic noise is basically a randomly generated mixed voice that creates a sound barrier. This is a unique solution – you can record your own voices and then generate them and have them overlap your conversation. Acoustic noise protects you even against the most cutting-edge forensic cleaning technologies.


Easy to install

You don’t have to install the PRIME omnidirectional speech protector in any complicated way. You can set everything conveniently using the remote control.

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