Social Engineering

People are the weakest of links in all security solutions. Thanks to the methods of social engineering, we can use common human qualities such as curiosity, greed, inconsistency, fear, or envy to gain access to proprietary information of the target organization. With the techniques of social engineering, we can identify a wide range of vulnerabilities in your organization and help with a better protection of it.

What we offer

Testing is performed to simulate a real attack as accurately as possible. Using publicly available data, we construct a model of your organization, which will serve as a source of information needed to carry out the attack. The less data you give us the higher the informative value of the test is. However, the time required to research the data needed is extended. Both interactions with subjects and results of the tests are documented in detail.

Tests will demonstrate how prudent and resilient your employees really are to practises that are frequently and successfully used in real attacks. Also, it detects whether the current permission and authentication settings are satisfactory.


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