Red Team

Red teaming is a term adopted from the military – in military exercises, the Red Team simulates assault techniques to test the Blue Team’s response. In cybersecurity, Red Team mimics the tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by hackers. The main objective is to assess Blue Team’s capabilities and then improve existing security measures based on the lessons learned.

The Red Team’s goal is to attack the organization, breach its security system and acquire valuable assets without being noticed. This service helps the organisation to detect potential vulnerabilities and better prepare for real cyber threats.

Before the actual attack, the Red Team sets specific goals, aiming to steal valuable assets. It tries to bypass all security mechanisms such as firewalls, antiviruses, EDR, IPS and others to avoid being detected by Blue Team. The latter is usually not informed about such simulated exercises in order not to bias its response.

Red Team simulates different types of cyber attacks:

  • Technical background: Uses various methods and techniques to uncover technical weaknesses in the organization.
  • Social Engineering: They try to get sensitive information from employees through phishing campaigns, phone calls and social media.
  • Physical intrusion: It uses techniques such as lock picking and RFID cloning to control the security of an organisation’s premises.

What we offer

The Red Team’s main goal is to gain valuable assets of the organisation, such as access to internal systems and databases without being discovered. The process can be divided into several phases. Firstly, obtaining the information. Secondly, the targeted attack, persistence and exfiltration of sensitive data. The effort to break through the security is in the form of a black box test and uses all pre-approved and also technically feasible options, such as physical access to the company, cyber-attacks, social engineering and much more. The whole process of obtaining the assets as well as the methods used to avoid being detected by the Blue Team are documented in the final report.


  • The most sophisticated way to simulate a targeted attack
  • The most realistic test of resistance against an attack conducted by professionals
  • Recommendations on how to secure critical assets in the best possible way

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