Penetration Testing of Infrastructure

The security tests are used to determine the current level of security and to determine a course of action to improve it, if necessary. Every company’s infrastructure changes regularly. It’s not just new servers that are added, but also users, new connections and new authentication methods – each of which increases the risk of potential attacks.

To secure your infrastructure and stored data, we offer the following services:

  • External penetration tests – identification and testing of vulnerabilities that pose a risk of compromising internal infrastructure;
  • Internal Penetration Tests – identification and testing of vulnerabilities during a possible internal attack with an emphasis on Active Directory and circumvention or abuse of defense mechanisms such as LAPS, Advanced Threat Analytics, JEA, WSL, RBCD, WDAC, ASR, AWL, Credential Guard, CLM, virtualization and many more;
  • Penetration tests of cloud infrastructures – such as Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure. It is a service similar to external penetration testing, but also includes provisioning and management mechanisms specific to cloud environments.

If you are interested in a price quote, please contact us. A preliminary meeting will be held to assess the size of your infrastructure and the effort required to cover all possible attack vectors as you wish.