Shielded Notebook Case 13″-14″

Effective protection of the laptop against eavesdropping and localization by all navigation systems

Discreet and durable shielded case designed on the principle of a mobile Faraday cage for a laptop. Effective protection of the laptop against eavesdropping and localization using all navigation systems. It completely prevents the laptop from connecting to all networks used worldwide, including the 5G network that is widely used today. The case is suitable for protection both when traveling, at meetings and at home. It protects the device from cyber attacks and protects the laptop from remote access and data manipulation. Certified by the police.

Discreet protection of the laptop against eavesdropping

  • Instantly isolates the device from the mobile network – provides protection from all global mobile networks without having to turn off the laptop
  • Your payment cards and documents will also be safe – active protection for cards with an RFID chip
  • Complete location protection – safe on the go and in the office
  • Thanks to the use of the most modern materials, the case is not only light, but also durable, and above all completely discreet. It includes a double shielding layer for even more protection, as well as a convenient carrying strap
  • Wireless communication doesn’t stand a chance – the case actively protects against remote Internet connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC
  • It is very easy to use – put the device inside and close the case
  • Complete protection of the laptop against eavesdropping – prevent your meetings from being eavesdropped and thus minimize the chance of leaking sensitive information
  • Effectively defends against remote data manipulation – you are safe from cyber attacks


Weight290 g
External dimensions36 cm x 27 cm

Mobile Faraday cage for laptop

Thanks to the combination of the most modern technology designed by independent experts from Europe, and durable material designed for military purposes, the most effective protection you can give your laptop was created. Household. The case is completely discreet and looks like a regular laptop bag – plus it’s waterproof and acts as a Faraday cage for the laptop.

The shielding case is designed to , so that the material conducts the electric charge and does not allow it to enter the case itself. Instead, the charge is distributed only on the outer surface of the Faraday cage, and it therefore provides the notebook with completely comprehensive protection. The notebook is effectively protected against a large number of different signals, thanks to which both the notebook itself and the data stored in it are safe. Your privacy will no longer be violated.

This mobile Faraday cage is a big favorite in the private and corporate world, where it is used to protect privacy, but also among forensic experts who can use it to safely transport evidence. Thanks to the shielding case, hackers cannot manipulate them remotely. The case was tested by the police and subsequently certified for its excellent results.

No eavesdropping and no cyber attacks

This security shielded case is suitable for anyone who wants to completely protect their privacy as well as the sensitive information and data stored inside the laptop – whether on the go, in meetings or at home. The design of the case allows for comprehensive protection against connecting to the signals of all mobile networks. The 5G network, which is very widely used today, is also blocked. The laptop case also provides complete protection against eavesdropping, both from bugs and from a hacked laptop. Thanks to this protection, you can be sure that your meetings will be safe and that sensitive information will not be leaked. All you have to do is put the electronics of everyone present in the Faraday cage and enjoy the meeting in maximum privacy. Not only your data, but also your location is completely safe. The shielded case will completely protect you from location tracking by GPS, Glonass and Galileo navigation systems, and even prevent tracking through a mobile operator.

Forensic analysis experts and members of the security forces certainly will appreciate the protection of devices from remote cyber attacks. This protection protects the notebook from remote data manipulation – both from moving data and from deleting it. In addition, the case protects you from connecting to fake Wi-Fi and Bluetooth points that hackers use to gain access to the device. The Faraday cage can also be used as a cover for contactless payment cards, identification cards or passports – the design of the case provides protection for all cards with RFID chips.

Simple, discreet and comfortable

Just using a security shielded laptop sleeve couldn’t be easier. Laptop, or other electronics and cards with RFID chips simply put them in the case and close it. There is no need to turn off the laptop or remove the battery. The case will further take care of your maximum privacy and protection. The case also has a strap for convenient carrying and use on the go. In addition, it looks like a regular laptop bag, so your protection will be really discreet.

The case can fit laptops and tablets with a maximum size of 33.5 cm x 24 cm. This way you can comfortably protect the Macbook Pro 13″ and the iPad Pro 12.9″. You can also store documents and car keys in the case for even more security. The case also includes additional pockets for storing the mouse and charger. Not sure about the size of your laptop? We will be happy to help you with your choice.

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