Shielded Mobile Phone Case

Effectively protects you from eavesdropping and location tracking through navigation systems

It effectively protects you from eavesdropping and tracking your location through navigation systems. It prevents remote access to the device and manipulation of data – either moving or deleting it. Certified by the police.

Shielded case as a discreet and effective protection for your phone

  • Fast Network Isolation – The shielded waterproof case prevents the device inside from connecting to all global mobile networks
  • Data is safe from deletion – thanks to the insulation of the case, the data inside the phone is also secure
  • Your location will remain completely safe – the device inserted in the shielded case is effectively protected against location tracking, keeping you protected both on the go and during meetings
  • Case blocks all wireless communication – prevents Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and NFC connections
  • The case can also be used as a shielding case for RFID cards – it will also protect your contactless payment card or passport
  • Designed and manufactured in Europe from state-of-the-art waterproof materials with a double shielding layer – lightweight yet durable
  • Effective protection of mobile phone against eavesdropping – the phone stored in a security shielded case is actively protected against all kinds of eavesdropping
  • Will not interfere with police investigation – phone inside is tamper-proof. Important evidence inside the phone is thus completely safe
  • Simplicity and intuitiveness – just put the phone in the case and then close it tightly with Velcro


Weight55 g
External dimensions11,5 cm x 19 cm

State-of-the-art technology for your safety

The safety case was designed in Europe in collaboration with leading independent safety experts. The case uses the principle of a portable Faraday cage, where the material used in making the case conducts an electric charge, which is then distributed on the outer surface and is not allowed to get into the case itself. Thanks to this, the Faraday cage for the mobile phone is safely protected from a wide range of different signals, and the phone thus remains completely safe from eavesdropping, localization of your location, or manipulation of the data inside the phone.

The case was tested for its safety and, thanks to the excellent test results, subsequently certified by the police. The Faraday cell phone cage is very popular with security forces as it protects electronic devices from tampering with evidence. Security shielded cases are also very popular in the private and corporate spheres – protecting anyone who wants to keep their privacy truly private.

No wiretaps, no attacks, no problems.

Thanks to the use of the Faraday cage design, the shielded case will provide you with perfect privacy. The phone is completely hidden from the environment while it is closed in the case, and the case is therefore suitable for protection both when traveling, at home and during meetings. The case actively blocks the signal of all mobile networks, including 5G, and at the same time prevents eavesdropping. Thanks to this, you will be able to be sure that your meetings will remain discreet and information from them will not be leaked to the public. You can also use the case to carry other items you suspect may contain bedbugs to protect your privacy. In addition to information, your location will also be completely safe – the case completely prevents location localization using GPS, Glonass and Galileo navigation systems. You will also be protected from locating your location via mobile operators.

Members of the security forces and forensic experts will certainly appreciate the blocking of the Internet connection. The device in the security case is thus completely immune to cyber-attacks that could result in data loss and thwart investigations. You will also appreciate the case if you want to keep your finances safe and protect contactless payment cards and documents with RFID chips.

Easy and intuitive to use

The case is very easy to use. Insert the phone into the empty case and close the case tightly. There is no need to switch off the phone or remove the battery – the modern design of the shielded case takes care of everything. The phone comfortably holds all phones up to a maximum size of 160 mm x 80 mm, or two wireless car keys.

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