How Does a Wiretap Work in a Car?

Wiretaps and bugs can be hidden in cars belonging to any of us. While casually talking or solving business or personal issues, the attacker can pick up sensitive information, even during the ride.

How does this wiretap work and how to avoid a leak?

Most of the listening devices have limited outreach, most commonly from a 100 to 150 meters, which is quite impractical considering a bug in a moving car. That is why a GSM technology is often used for bugging cars. The GSM wiretap works the same way as a cell phone – it can connect anywhere, where it can catch BTS signal.

In order to register location of a moving car online, a GPS connected to GSM is used. GPS data are regularly sent through texts or mobile data through GSM. These devices are usually placed on the car chassis, less often attached to the dashboard, where is the system connected to the electric system of the car itself.

How to find a listening device or a GPS locator in your car?

Sweeping for spy devices in a car can be a headscratcher. Most of the devices and GPS locators for cars are combined. If you’ll try to look for a GPS locator in your car, you’ll need a special equipment, because GSM works as a cell phone that transfers signal only when a BTS signal is around. A bug that works with GSM won’t be most likely transferring data when you’ll be looking for it. The attacker would have to listen right in that moment or an active BTS search (that takes about a second in the interval of 20 to 30 minutes) would have to be happening. A check against wiretap is quick and discrete.

Is it difficult to install a listening device or a GPS locator to your car?

Listening device or the locator are usually placed on the car chassis and they can be installed in a few seconds thanks to a magnet. A fixed installation to the interior of the car can be also made, in that case is the device connected to the electric system of the car.