TOWERS+ Discreet Speech Protectors

Camouflaged eavesdropping and bug jammers in the form of large speakers

The TOWERS+ Speech Protectors are discreet and very efficient. The design of the speech protectors set does not disrupt the meeting as it resembles a speaker. Not only are the speech protectors made of quality oak wood and look like a luxury home theatre audio speakers, but they also protect you from leaks. The set is also available in several colours, from which you can choose as you like.

  • Ultrasonic noise effectively protects against recording devices, but does not disrupt the course of the meeting
  • Ultrasonic noise of one speech protector reliably blocks microphone devices in a range up to 5 meters (16ft), protecting you against eavesdropping
  • The acoustic noise generator effectively overlaps your conversations so no one is able to eavesdrop with a stethoscope or a laser microphone
  • The speech protector can generate your own pre-recorded voice as acoustic noise
  • You can adjust the intensity as well as the listening and signal interference modes

TOWERS+ is a more powerful version of the TOWERS jammers, one of our best-selling products. It consists of four pieces, and you can choose the look of your preference from our colour catalogue. There is also an app available for the jammers that is compatible with both iOS and Android. Compared to its predecessor, the TOWERS+ also has a signal jamming function.

Thanks to the similarity to loudspeakers, no one will suspect that these are jammers, so your meetings can proceed completely undisturbed. The TOWERS+ listening and signal jammers protect up to 30 metres away. They combine ultrasonic noise, which drowns out nearby eavesdropper microphones, together with acoustic noise. This combination delivers the most advanced and best possible protection against unwanted eavesdropping and signals. Another advantage is that you can record your own voice into the acoustic noise, which the jammer will then generate to drown out your conversation.

  • Digital and analog voice recorders
  • Voice recorders in mobile phones
  • Eavesdropping remotely through windows using laser and stethoscope microphones
  • Built-in and directional microphones

Parameters for 1 pcs

RangeAcoustic Voice Mix: 30 m; Ultrasound: 3 m; Jammer: 10-30 m2
Intensity of
110 × 128-132 dB
Output of Acoustic
Dimensions19 cm × 113,5 cm × 19 cm (7 in × 45 in × 7 in)

Three Levels of Protection

Discreet Protection
Generates ultrasound and silent acoustic noise. This mode allows you to negotiate comfortably while protecting against most covert recording devices and bugs.

Highly Effective Protection
Generates both ultrasound and acoustic noise while interfering with the mobile networks in range. Protects against high-quality voice recorders and location tracking. The jammer interferes with the entire 360 degree range.

Maximum Protection
Generates ultrasound and loud acoustic noise. Provides maximum protection of confidential information even at the cost of reduced comfort during negotiations.

Presentation and Purchase of the Products

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