TOWERS Discreet Speech Protector

Camouflaged eavesdropping and bug jammers in the form of large speakers

The design of the TOWERS wiretaps does not disrupt the meeting in any way, because they look like luxury speakers. At the same time, it effectively protects you from information leakage. I combine ultrasonic and acoustic noise – it protects up to a range of 7-50 meters (23 – 164 ft). From now on, your conversation will remain private. They are the most powerful jammers from our portfolio.

  • Ultrasonic noise effectively protects against recording devices, but does not disrupt the course of the meeting
  • Ultrasonic noise of one speech protector reliably blocks microphone devices in a range up to 7 meters (23ft), protecting you against eavesdropping
  • The acoustic noise generator effectively overlaps your conversations so no one is able to eavesdrop with a stethoscope or a laser microphone
  • The speech protector can generate your own pre-recorded voice as acoustic noise
  • You can set different levels of intensity and modes of the interference

TOWERS is the successor to the EO-3 MAX, one of our best-selling products. Compared to its predecessor, it has improved ultrasound software, processor and consists of 4 pieces. You can choose the appearance of your product from our color catalog. There is also an app available for TOWERS that is compatible with both iOS and Android.

Thanks to this masking, no one will suspect that it is a wiretapping device and your meetings will go on completely undisturbed. TOWERS eavesdroppers protect up to 7-50 meters distance, i.e. the furthest of our eavesdroppers. They have a range of 5 meters for newer phones and 7 meters for older phones. They combine ultrasonic noise that overwhelms nearby bugging microphones along with acoustic noise. This combination brings the state-of-the-art and best possible eavesdropping protection. Another advantage is that you can record your own voice into the acoustic noise, which the jammer will then generate to drown out your conversation.

  • Digital and analogue voice recorders
  • Dictaphones in mobile phones
  • Remote laser eavesdropping through windows
  • Built-in and directional microphones
  • Eavesdropping via stethoscope

Parameters for 1 pcs

Rangeultrasound: 7 meters (23 ft), acoustic noise: 30 meters (98 ft)
Intensity of ultrasonic interference110 × 128-132 dB
Acoustic interference power9W
Size of the device19 cm × 113,5 cm × 19 cm

Functions of Ultrasound

It protects against eavesdropping through the wall with a stethoscope microphone, and even prevents eavesdropping through window panes with a laser microphone. Acoustic noise provides an additional level of protection against eavesdropping based on technology other than conventional microphones. It protects, for example, against a third party who would like to eavesdrop on you from afar. Acoustic noise generates different voices, which you can also record into the speech protector. These then overlay the conversation itself – so they are audible to others.


Acoustic Noise

Acoustic noise protects especially against laser and stethoscope microphone. Acoustic noise thus easily protects you from eavesdropping through a window pane, through a wall, or by a third person from a distance. In contrast to ultrasonic noise, acoustic noise is audible to the normal ear. It works by overlaying your conversation by randomly generating words. You can even record your own voice into the speech protector as an acoustic noise. When recording, you need to be 10-20 cm (4-8 in) away from the device and in a quiet environment.

Presentation and Purchase of the Products

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