SAFEBOX Acoustic Mobile Phone Vault

Effectively protects you from eavesdropping by mobile phones

A unique speech protector that works as an acoustic safe for multiple mobile phones. It is designed to look completely discreet as a luxurious addition to the interior. As soon as you insert the first phone into the SAFEBOX, the ultrasonic jamming of the microphones for all types of mobile phones is automatically switched on. The advantage is that it does not block calls, SMS and other network communication.

  • Ultrasonic noise is not audible to the ear, so it does not interfere with the flow of the meeting.
  • It effectively protects you from eavesdropping by mobile phones.
  • The functional design is designed to make the stand compatible for all kinds of phones.
  • It looks like a normal phone stand, it is completely discrete.
  • Does not block calls, SMS and other network communication, so it is completely legal.

A unique speech protector that is completely discreet. It looks like a luxury interior accessory. When the first phone is placed in the stand, an ultrasonic noise will automatically be generated which overwhelms the microphones of the mobile phones. It is precisely because of this that it will not be possible to make a high-quality recording while eavesdropping. Speech protector (acoustic safe) SAFEBOX is designed to be compatible with all kinds of mobile phones. The advantage of ultrasonic interference is that it is not audible to the ear, and in addition does not block calls, SMS and other network communication.

SAFEBOX is the successor to ASU-6, one of our best-selling products. Compared to its predecessor, it has improved ultrasound software and is lockable. You can also choose the appearance of your product from our color catalog.


Functions of Ultrasound

Effective protection against eavesdropping using the microphone in your smartphone. Protects against eavesdropping via mobile phones. Ultrasonic noise is the most effective protection against mobile phone eavesdropping. The ultrasound completely overwhelms the microphones and the final recording is unusable. The advantage of ultrasonic noise is that it is inaudible, so it is completely discreet and does not disrupt the meeting in any way.


Easy to Use

The speech protector in the form of the acoustic safe SAFEBOX works completely independently. Place it where you want meeting participants to put their phones. Then plug it in. The eavesdropper will start automatically as soon as you insert the first mobile phone into it. You don’t have to set anything up, and you don’t even have to worry about the speech protector. In total, you can insert up to 4 mobile phones of different sizes.


Supply voltage100–240 V
Active interference timeUnlimited
Frequency range of acoustic noise25 kHz ± 2 kHz
Weight2,6 kg

Presentation and Purchase of the Products

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