Securing and protecting your computer against eavesdropping

If you are one of those for whom computer security and protection from eavesdropping and hacking is the alpha and omega of the future of business (or even personal security), you are certainly aware of the limitations of conventional computers with common operating systems (OS).

To hope that OSx or Windows provide that level of security by default would be sheer folly. Unfortunately, even with a very advanced level of pc (laptop) security and the use of all available protection features, it is not possible to overcome some of the limitations that result from the design of these operating systems.

Do you work with data whose leakage can damage or destroy your company? Do you need to make sure your network movements are untraceable to protect your resources? Are you looking for a way to ensure that no one but you and your system can access your data? The solution is a unique OS in every pocket (plug and go).

So how do you get truly comprehensive and bulletproof security when working on your computer? Let us briefly introduce the special operating system that we have added to our range of PC protection against eavesdropping. We will be happy to provide you with a more precise technical specification and price offer individually – if you are interested, please contact us.

Work from anywhere without stopping – OS in every pocket (plug and go)

Our customized PC solution with eavesdropping protection is based on a portable, perfectly anonymous operating system that can be run from USB on any hardware. All user activity then takes place on this operating system and no trace of your work is left on the host computer’s (laptop) disk.

This also eliminates the possibility that an attacker could identify the person using the special OS by knowing the owner of the specific device. Of course, if your computer is stolen or your office is broken into, there is no need to worry about someone discovering your personal or company data.

“The best method of protecting a PC against eavesdropping is really simple in principle – don’t associate your activity with a particular device and don’t store any data on it.”

We can also configure the operating system so that it does not store any files. Therefore, you start with a clean system with the default settings of your choice every time you boot. It is therefore technically impossible to reconstruct any of your previous activity. Such a system is reliably resistant to malware and spyware, and cannot be infected by viruses, keyloggers, etc. Thus, conventional antivirus protection is not even needed and working with the computer is completely safe.

Everything you need, but no dangerous extra ballast

We will configure the operating system exactly according to your needs so that you have all the necessary working tools at your disposal. However, we strictly ensure that the software solution used does not contain any unnecessary add-ons that could pose a security risk.

The basic configuration includes, of course, a suite of programs for working with common office documents and an encrypted email client (secure email). You can play the most common types of multimedia files and, with the help of a specialised tool, you can remove all the meta data created in the files you upload to the Internet

Movement on the network is perfectly anonymous – PC eavesdropping doesn’t stand a chance

We have deliberately left the most important chapter to the very end. In future articles, we will discuss the security of our OS for secure and anonymous Internet browsing in more detail, but let us outline some of the solutions used.

  1. The first step to anonymizing network activity is to dynamically change the MAC address of the computer. This allows not only to effectively mask the physical device used, but also to overcome the security and functional limits of free WiFi networks (e.g. limited connection time). This solution makes you invisible to the network administrator.
  2. Connection to the network is only via Tor, which uses string (onion) routing. This protects you from being monitored while surfing the Internet by the operators of the servers you visit, as well as network administrators or your Internet Service Provider (ISP).
  3. Of course, the design and configuration of data encryption and all network communication is a matter of course. For data storage, we can create a highly secure cloud storage that can only be accessed from your operating system.

How do I get an operating system with PC eavesdropping security?

Each implementation of our operating system with security against computer eavesdropping is handled individually. The basic principle and robust security mechanisms are retained, but we are able to adapt the functionality and user environment perfectly to your needs.

If you are looking for a system that guarantees 100% protection of your data and personal freedom, contact us. We will discuss your requirements, provide you with technical details and prepare a quotation. Detailed training and one year of technical support is also included in the price of our solution.