New Speech Protector and Signal Jammer PRIME+

All portable electronic devices have built-in microphones that can be easily exploited to record private conversations and confidential business meetings. This can be used to discredit you by competitors and cause you to lose the hard-earned reputation and trust of your customers. The PRIME+ Speech Protector and Signal Jammer combines three privacy protection technologies:

  1. Ultrasound Generator – Discrete Mode, Inaudible Protection
    Highly efficient against digital recording devices and bugs
    It also distorts recordings to useless noise
  2. Acoustic Noise Generator – Audible Protection
    Protects against stethoscope and laser microphones
    Generates mixed voice that creates a sound barrier
    It protects even from the most advanced forensic cleaning techniques
  3. Signal Jammer
    Disrupts mobile signal within the range of the jammer, including 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G signals
    Blocks the use of Bluetooth and eavesdropping with wireless headphones
    It cancels the two most used Wi-Fi frequencies

The PRIME+ Speech Protector and Signal Jammer wasdesigned to protect against unwanted recording during business meetings. It is suitable for protecting offices, meeting rooms and other areas where sensitive information is discussed. In addition, it is inconspicuous and does not attract unwanted attention, because it has no external antennas.

Protect your trade secrets and know-how with the PRIME+ Speech Protector and Signal Jammer.