Check Your Mobile Phone for Wiretap

Current mobile phones with iOS and Android systems can relatively easily sent data to the attacker. The attacker can then get information about:

At the same time, it is possible to use the microphone of the phone for room eavesdropping. The attacker can even take video recordings using the phone’s camera remotely or get access to phone screens. All of this is happening secretly, so the user won’t notice.

How to detect a bugged cell phone?

There are a few ways of bugging a cell phone – when we check your phone for bugs, we cannot find out if the phone is bugged at the operator level or through IMSI catcher. However, we can say where is your phone connecting to and what data does it send out. This way we can find out, if it’s making legitimate operations or if your phone is bugged by someone, therefore if your personal data were possibly misused.

How does the check work?

If the suspicion gets confirmed, we are able to map the situation and the client then receives a detailed report with a graphic representation of the detected state.

How to prevent phone bugging?

Our check will give you valuable information about the current state of your phone and its possible misuse. But as was said before, there are various ways of phone interception. If you want to make sure you are protected, you can always purchase Encrypted Phone that offers protection thanks to encrypted calls and its invisibility to IMSI catcher. Another effective way of prevention is use of ultrasonic generators, that will fight room eavesdropping attempts (through phone or computer).

How to order a cell phone check?

If you have a suspicion that your device might be bugged this way, contact us via e-mail and send us the following information:

We will specify the price and if you’ll accept, we will agree on a handover of the device without SIM (you can still use your phone number in a different device). You can send us your phone via courier to the company address.

We can check your mobile phone within 24–48 hours from delivery and then send it back to you by transportation company.

We will then send the report with results to your e-mail.