13 Tips on How to Detect a Wiretap on Your Own

Would you notice if you were wiretapped? If you think you would, you might be mistaken. It’s actually very tricky to spot a covert listening device, and even an experienced professional might often have a hard time with it. It’s vital to look out for warning signs and detect them, as they may reveal an installed wiretap. Today, the options for eavesdropping are easily accessible and you can simply order to have someone wiretapped.

The problem with listening devices is that they are extremely tough to detect on your own. On the other hand, you may have a suspicion that’s worth investigating. Wiretaps, or listening devices, can be hidden almost anywhere. Car wiretaps or remote listening devices are not that uncommon. Without regular anti-surveillance checks, you can’t be certain that you’re not actually being spied on. An anti-surveillance search is the only reliable protection against eavesdropping.

How to Spot a Bug? These 13 Warning Signs May Help

Eavesdropping is not an easy thing to detect, but you can be on the lookout for warning signs. We’ve put together a list of few tell-tale signs which, if you’ve encountered them, you’re likely to be wiretapped. The only way to find out, however, is to call in professionals who are familiar with finding listening devices.

  1. Confidential information has been leaked to the public and it is not possible to explain how.
  2. Likewise, details of your private and business life have been leaked, but you don’t know the source.
  3. There has been an unauthorised intrusion into your home, work, or other premises where you spend a considerable amount of time.
  4. There are signs of forced manipulation on doors or windows.
  5. There is interference (mutual influence) on electronic devices – this might indicate the presence of radio-based bugs.
  6. Interference occurs when listening to the radio.
  7. You have the impression that the wall tiles or floor tiles have been tampered with.
  8. Similarly, you feel that someone has moved your furniture.
  9. You have encountered masonry fragments or suspiciously wiped dust.
  10. There is damaged plaster around your electrical sockets or switches.
  11. You have noticed changes in the volume and quality of your landline connection.
  12. You cannot shake the feeling that someone might be watching you.
  13. You have noticed suspicious individuals or cars around your home, work or areas that you frequent.

How to effectively defend against listening devices?

The rational approach, of course, is to uncover the wiretaps and remove them. But that’s a matter of many hours or even days of demanding work. If you want to have a quick and almost perfect protection against eavesdropping, be sure to use a speech protector. They have the massive advantage of being completely discreet as they generate an intense but inaudible ultrasonic noise, efficiently jamming the microphones in its range and rendering the recorded audio unusable. It is impossible to understand anything that might have been recorded and any potential recordings cannot be cleared even with modern forensic technologies.

You Can Discover Amateur Wiretaps on Your Own

Wiretaps can appear anywhere where there is a lack of knowledge on the subject. Most often, amateur listening devices can be planted by a colleague at work, but they also appear in the family. These are typically wiretaps that you can buy through commercial means, such as listening devices in USBs, pencils, clocks, calculators and so forth. It is ideal for an attacker if such devices are constantly connected to electricity – that is why a listening device in an extension cord is popular.

Amateur and low-end wiretaps are mostly in the form of stationery and if not connected to a power source, then they don’t last very long either, they tend to be more of a disposable item.

Professional eavesdropping

Sophisticated surveillance is commonly entrusted to a specialized company that may be posing as a security, detective or service agency – since it is not legal to install a wiretap. An employee of such an agency enters the premises where the victim has the best chance of being wiretapped and thoroughly examines the area. They strategically decide where and which listening device should be used and later return to install the bug at the location – often without damaging the door or setting off any alarms.

You have no chance of discovering professionally installed wiretaps as an amateur. They can be a part of an alarm, air conditioning, smoke detector, or even a fake IMSI Catcher.

Leave the detection of the wiretaps to the experts.

If you suspect a possible wiretap, you can try to find it yourself. However, if you are unsuccessful, it is for the best to call in the experts, as the bug is probably very well hidden. We have a wealth of experience in finding wiretaps and know where to look for them. In addition, we use specialized tools to facilitate detection of such devices. We perform a variety of advanced analyses, including RF spectrum measurements, triangulation or examination of the area using a thermal imaging camera which altogether enables us to find even the most sophisticated threats. Leave nothing to chance and protect your confidential information.

Protect your know-how with speech protectors

Our state-of-the-art speech protectors provide powerful and immediate protection. Using the most advanced technology, they generate ultrasonic waves that effectively flood all microphones in their range. They also generate acoustic noise which protects you against listening devices that may resist ultrasonic waves. The acoustic noise is essentially your own pre-recorded voice, which is then randomly generated by the speech protector, creating a sound barrier that overlaps your conversation. Combining these two functions protects, for example, against digital and analogue dictaphones, laser remote eavesdropping through windows, as well as built-in and directional microphones.

Combine speech protectors with an encrypted phone for maximum protection

For maximum protection against eavesdropping and cyber-threats, we recommend using a speech protector in combination with an encrypted phone with a high level of security against data and information leaks. Top politicians, managers and even military units rely on the protection of encrypted phones.

The phone is both extremely powerful and secure, but you can use it just like a regular phone and still be protected from the risks of cyberspace. You no longer need to worry about having your private calls listened to by a third party. Your phone is also protected against data leaks and thanks to the LTE-only mode, it protects from eavesdropping and device localization with the IMSI-catcher. The phone receives tailored updates that run in the background and do not interfere with the use of the device. The phone is fully manufactured, developed and updated in Finland by an independent company, so you do not have to worry about the phone manufacturers.